Naval Attaché

Navy Commodore

Navy Commodore Rodolfo E. BERAZAY-MARTINEZ was born on June 20, 1968 in the city of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In December, 1990 he graduated from the Naval Military School as an Officer of the Naval Staff Command, with the rank of Midshipman. In 1994, he specialized in artillery and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Naval Systems from the Naval University Institute.

He currently works as Naval Attaché to the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in the United States of America and Military Advisor to the Permanent Mission of the Argentine Republic to the Organization of American States (OAS).

During the last five years he served as Chief of Operations of the Sea Fleet Command (2016-2017), Chief of the Department of Operational Qualification of the Navy Training and Enlistment Command (2018), as Commander of the Corvettes Division (2019) and as Research Secretary of the Joint War College of the Armed Forces.

He was the Commander of the Fast Attack Craft ARA “INTREPIDA”; Missile Corvette ARA “PARKER”, and Commander of the Corvettes Division. Among others, Navy Commodore Berazay-Martinez served as Chief of the Operations Department of the Southern Naval Area and Chief of the Combat Information Center of the Sea Fleet.

He has participated in several UNITAS, FRATERNO and ATLASUR International Exercises throughout his operational career. It embarked through the "Shiprider's" Program in 1998 on the Destroyer USS STEPHEN W. GROVES - FFG29 (Pascagoula) and in 2000 during Phase 0 of the UNITAS Exercise on the Minehunter USS ROBIN MHC 54 (Roosevelt Roads Naval Station).

He also participated in the Inter-American Naval Conference, specialized in Interoperability (CNIeI) held in Mexico in 2017 and in the Special General Staff, formed by Argentina Navy, United States Navy, Russia Navy and the United Kingdom Navy during the Search and Rescue operations of the Submarine ARA SAN JUAN.

Professional Experience:

1992- Chief of Naval Material Artillery of the Logistics Support Vessel ARA “GURRUCHAGA”.
1993- Chief of Navigation of the Landing Ship ARA “SAN ANTONIO”.
1995- Diving School, graduated as an Overboard Diver.
1996- Instructor at Admiral Guillermo Brown Naval and Military High School.
1997-1998 - Chief of Artillery and Missiles of the Corvette ARA “PARKER”.
1999- Student Officer - Applicative Course, Surface Officer.
2000- Executive Officer of the Minehunter ARA “CHACO”.
2001- Internal Combat Control Chief of the Destroyer "ARA ADMIRAL BROWN".
2002-2003- Executive Officer of the Speedboat ARA “INTREPIDA”.
2004- Executive Officer of the Multipurpose Boat ARA “ALFEREZ SOBRAL”
2005-2006 - Secretary of the Deputy Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
2007- Naval War College, Joint War College
2008- Commanding Officer to the Speedboat A.R.A. "INTREPIDA”.
2009- Chief of Operations at Austral Naval Area.
2010-2011- Executive Officer of the Corvette ARA “SPIRO”
2012-2014- Commanding Officer of the Corvette ARA “PARKER”
2015-2017- Chief of Communication and Chief of Operations to the Sea Fleet Command.
2018- Chief of the Operational Qualification Department.
2019- Commanding Officer of the Corvette Division.
2020- Joint Warfare School of the Armed Forces as Secretary.
2021- Naval Attaché and Naval Advisor for the Permanent Mission of the Argentine at AOS.

He also Complete several courses and seminars, among others:

Graduated from the Navy Officers School with the specialty on "Artillery" Graduated from the Naval War School as Naval Staff Officer Graduated from the Joint Warfare School of the Armed Forces as Joint Chiefs Officer Bachelor on Naval Systems Surface Officer specialized in Artillery

He is married to Sonia E. BOSIO and has a daughter Maria Paz; 16 years old.